We help make your health content come alive through motion, pictures and words.
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WHAT do we do?
Healthful Communications is a communications company that helps B2B and B2C companies grow by effectively sharing their insights on food, nutrition, health and wellness in motion, pictures and words. Fascinated by food and health news and innovation, we help uncover fresh layers of understanding and share them through vibrant videos, eye-catching images and crisp content. We make health content burst with flavor one byte at a time with services that are: Insightful. Resourceful. Helpful. Healthful.

HOW do we do it?
Focused on and fascinated by food, nutrition and health, our communications and marketing services include video production, photography, content creation and graphic design. We also help connect clients to government grants, tax credits and incentives. Driven by data, our solutions deliver a measurable impact on business growth. We work with companies strategically to build brand awareness, community, audience engagement, reach and readership. From concept to finished product and throughout the creative process, we draw inspiration from each project and client we have the privilege to work with.

WHERE is our work?
Peruse samples of our work by hovering over the “portfolio” tab at the top of this website.

The work of our team has been featured by Microsoft, The Globe and Mail, The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo, among others. Healthful Communications has also been recognized by Global Health & Pharma Magazine (A publication of AI Global Media).
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