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WHAT do we do?
Healthful Communications is a communications company that helps B2B and B2C companies grow by effectively sharing their insights on food, nutrition, health and wellness in motion, pictures and words. Fascinated by food and health news and innovation, we help uncover fresh layers of understanding and share them through vibrant videos, eye-catching images and crisp content. We make health content burst with flavor one byte at a time with services that are: Insightful. Resourceful. Helpful. Healthful.

HOW do we do it?
Focused on and fascinated by food, nutrition and health, our communications and marketing services include video production, photography, content creation and graphic design. We also help connect clients to government grants, tax credits and incentives. Driven by data, our solutions deliver a measurable impact on business growth. We work with companies strategically to build brand awareness, community, audience engagement, reach and readership. From concept to finished product and throughout the creative process, we draw inspiration from each project and client we have the privilege to work with.

WHERE is our work?
Peruse samples of our work by hovering over the “portfolio” tab at the top of this website.

The work of our team has been featured by Microsoft, The Globe and Mail, The Wall Street Journal and Yahoo, among others. Healthful Communications has received 2 awards from Global Health & Pharma Magazine (A publication of AI Global Media):
Best B2B Health Communications Company Ontario, 2019
Best Health Communication Specialists Canada, 2020
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WHO are we? Meet Our Healthful Team:

Lisa Cantkier, Communications Coordinator
Lisa is an educator and writer focused on health and nutrition. She has been providing content creation and project management services to a variety of media companies and brands since 2011. Her work to raise awareness of celiac disease and special diets has been recognized by the municipal government, Microsoft, the Taste Canada Awards and several media outlets.

Naomi Hiltz, Photography & Video Production Manager
With a fine arts degree in film and photography, Naomi is both a filmmaker and photographer who has been directing, filming and editing notable documentaries of different genres since 2003. She directed the acclaimed A&E documentary, “The Luka Magnotta Story,”​ which has been televised in over 50 countries. Naomi’s work has garnered 2 NYC Independent Film Festival awards. She is also part of the production/distribution team for the compelling documentary “Lifeboat,” which received an Oscar nomination in 2019. In addition to film, Naomi specializes in product and food photography, and photographs for numerous lifestyle magazines, brands, health experts and celebrity chefs, including those of The Food Network.

Nathan Cantkier, Creative Director & Graphic Design Manager 

Nathan is a skilled, professionally trained and results-driven graphic designer and creative director who specializes in design for digital and print advertising. He has over 17 years of proven ability in managing the strategic execution of corporate marketing products and campaigns for small and medium-sized businesses. Nathan provides fresh, creative services that deliver a measurable impact on corporate revenue growth.

David Reti, Technical Writing / Grants & Incentives Manager
With a degree in English and a certificate in copywriting, David is a natural wizard with words. He has been helping businesses in the food and healthcare sectors access a variety of government tax credits and incentives since 2008, including SR&ED. Handling both the technical and financial reports required, David has amassed a wealth of knowledge that he uses to translate a company’s work into a successful claim. Get in touch to find out how David can help bring more money into your business.

Sabra Way, Web & Mobile Development Manager
A trained herbalist with a passion for combining wellness and technology, Sabra is a skilled website developer. She develops cost-effective, professionally designed responsive websites that are easy for clients to manage and update on their own, which in turn supports their bottom line. With an intuitive ability to see each client’s vision, Sabra has been offering comprehensive website development and e-commerce solutions since 2011, all at unbeatable rates. Her work is clean, clever and creative.

Read testimonials from our clients.