Why choose us? We specialize in communications services for the food and health industries and help businesses grow by effectively sharing their insights in motion, pictures and words. We can help you with your print and digital communication and marketing needs, including assistance with overflow work. We work on a project-to-project basis without retainers or long-term contracts. We offer these refreshing, clever and creative solutions:

📝  WRITING & EDITING ~ content is still king & what we specialize in!   

  • Writing & Editing
    We write and edit: columns, articles, interviews, medical and health writing, news releases, newsletters, e-blasts, web content, SEO writing, evergreen content, video scripts, recipes, blog posts
  • Technical Writing, Business Grants & Incentives
    We provide: government grant and tax credit application services including SR&ED (Scientific Research & Experimental Development Program) and CAP (Canadian Agricultural Partnership), government and CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) audits and documents
  • Content Development & SEO
    We provide: digital and content strategy, keywords, search terms
  • Educational & Training
    We write and edit: curriculum writing, training materials, health and safety content, research


  • Food Photography / Commercial Photography / Portrait Photography
  • Food Styling and Props
  • Professional Chefs: available to achieve your complete recipe look
  • Photo Editing and Retouching
  • Indoor and Outdoor Shoots


  • Video Production: web, social media snippet videos, corporate, testimonials, marketing, events, crowdfunding, infomercials
  • Post Production / Editing: picture, sound, music composition, visual effects, sound mixing, color correction, special effects
  • Teleprompter Operator and Equipment
  • Custom Graphics, Special Effects, Branding
  • Captioning: timed with the speaker
  • Indoor and Outdoor Shoots


  • Web Design and Development: specializing in WordPress websites
  • Website SEO Audit
  • Corporate Identification, Branding and Logo Design
  • Corporate Collateral: catalogs, product information sheets, order forms, sales decks, rate cards
  • Advertising: banners, brochures, newsletters, newspaper ads, signage
  • Editorial Design: columns, advertorials, news releases, newsletters, web, blogs
  • Illustration: digital and freehand
  • Packaging and Label Design



  • Endorsements for your products from the most well-known names in food and health; show consumers what top influencers are doing with your products
  • Live endorsements: events, workshops, demos, recipes, sponsorships
  • Digital endorsements: television segments, videos, photography, social media videos and posts, contests, blog posts, e-blasts
  • Talent Recruitment


  • Recipe Development, Testing and Editing
  • Nutritional Facts Analysis: recipes, cookbooks
  • Food Label Claims Research
  • Tax Credits, Grants & Incentives Applications (including SR&ED, CAP, CFIA)
  • Events, Trade Shows, Demos: management, staffing, support

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